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. . . in finding your hidden profits. They’re frozen in your closed payable files.

Put us to work for you and we’ll find it in duplicate and overpayments, mis-payments, lost discounts, sales and use tax overpayments, open credits, returned goods and deposits, to name a few. Then, we’ll reclaim those profits for you.

Founded in 1987, we are Consortium Three, Colorado’s oldest profit recovery firm. Our staff conducts contingency fee, performance-based recovery audits of your accounts payable. There are three elements to our review:

    • An electronic screening
    • A comprehensive vendor audit
    • A hands-on physical review

And we use a proven discipline. First, we’ll screen all transactions. Then we will focus on unusual items and evaluate them. Actual errors are confirmed and documented internally. Vendor agreement is secured and a claim is opened. The recovery process is monitored until the credit or cash is collected.

There is no cost to you unless C3 recovers lost profits; then we both share in the new found dollars. Time and support are your only investments and we treat them with great care. After a kickoff meeting with the A/P Supervisor and the receipt of our data extract needs from the IT Manager, we’ll keep staff time to a bare minimum. That’s our goal and promise to you.

    The benefits are many:

    • Cash flow
    • Higher profits and reduced costs
    • Better vendor relations
    • Improved internal controls
    • An analysis of critical processes

The risk is inaction, failing to unlock those buried profits. Profit recovery is now a mainstay practice of American business from Fortune 500 companies to small-cap private firms. Why not join them? C3 is ready to pick up where you left off. Your work is over; let ours begin!!