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C3’s senior auditors are seasoned corporate professionals, disciplined accountants with years of industry experience. Many have controllership, CFO, and senior executive credentials and all are masters at their trade. Their financial sleuthing skills, honed over the years, make them especially adept at finding lost dollars hidden away in your payable transactions.

Complementing your operation, our staff works independently, ever sensitive to company culture and the nuances of internal systems. Our goal is to be near invisible, taking as little of your critical time as possible.

Our workplace is your workplace, and we are comfortable and proficient at all levels and in all environments. We can work with Fortune 500 clients with sales at multi-billion dollar levels, but are equally adept with smaller staffs of closely held private and public companies.

"Complementing your operation, our
staff works independently ever sensitive
to company culture and the nuances
                                of internal systems".

C3 is especially productive in the transaction-intensive environments of manufacturing, extraction and distribution industries. At the same time, our results have been highly beneficial to service industries with highly sophisticated software systems and a large vendor base providing logistical support.

We are meticulously thorough and follow a time-tested audit program.

  1. C3 will first coordinate with the IT department to download an extract of payable and vendor records. Prior to and in preparation for the audit start, the transactions will be re-formatted and screened for potential errors. Wages, intercompany transactions, and travel and expense reimbursements are excluded as are any vendors so specified by management.

  2. A pre-audit meeting will then be held to secure necessary operational and administrative information to execute the audit and coordinate access to space, files, people, and communication channels necessary for the review.

  3. Three integrated reviews will then be launched which will screen 100% of the records and 80% of vendor dollar volume. Each audit element allows for discovery methods which are unique to the process

    A. Electronic screening
    B. Direct vendor review
    C. Document evaluation

  4. When errors are discovered, C3 will document the claims internally, communicate with the vendor, confirm the error, and secure the credit or repayment commitment. All recoveries will be in the form of check or a usable credit acceptable to the client.

  5. Weekly progress meetings will be conducted until the engagement ends. Audit progress and communication will be coordinated via the claims summary worksheet.

  6. A post-audit report will be rendered with summary findings, observations and constructive recommendations for policy, procedure, and internal control upgrades. Also included in the summary is an incisive, helpful statistical analysis of all audit findings.