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Among its clients, Consortium Three is recognized as the authority on Colorado sales and use tax conflicts. Well over 50% of C3 2006 recovery revenues had tax mitigation as a common denominator. In recognition of this market segment, C3 recently announced the creation of its Special Services Division, formed solely to specialize in reverse tax audits and special tax engagements.

"Well over 50% of C3 2006 revenues had
tax issues as their common denominator".

C3’s special services staff is highly skilled, experienced and engaged in a continuing professional curriculum to ensure that it is current with contemporary sales and use tax rulings affecting the Colorado business community. Supplementing its own talents, C3 often retains Colorado’s top sales tax attorneys who’ve spent their career either teaching the law or adjudicating it up to the state supreme court. When Consortium Three puts a tax team together, the advantage is yours.

The two principal services provided by Consortium Three are the Reverse Tax Audit (RTA) and the Special Tax Engagement (STE).